The importance of colour choice


Colour Selection

Colour choice is a difficult decision to make, if not daunting task and some may even say the hardest part of a carrying out a painting project.  It is personal and is dependent on many factors.

It is also important to recognise that undertaking a painting project is a large investment and although the workmanship is of a high standard, the choice of colour will also have significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of your property and thus it’s value too.

With such a vast range of colours, neutrals and whites to select from choosing a colour can cause angst when a number of interested parties need to comment.


Working with a colour consultant will take the risk out of selecting a colour and will help avoid making costly mistakes.  

Dukes work with professional and trusted Colour Consultants on a regular basis to offer the best advice and guidance when working with colour schemes, be they interior, exterior or both.


Please contact us should you need recommendations for a Consultant to guide you through the process.



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